I found Roger via a Google search. I was desperate to find someone who could restore the only photo I had of my terminally ill (93 year old) mom as a young nursing school graduate. It was a professional photograph, but only in a wallet size, and it was very badly damaged. I was heartsick thinking this photo was beyond hope.
Roger is a miracle worker! He restored the photo to mint condition!! I was able to order enlargements that were absolutely pristine in quality. I didn’t think it was possible. But Roger did the impossible and for an incredibly reasonable price. I was honesty shocked at how little this cost, given the amount of damage.
The original photo was black and white. And while I wanted it restored in black and white, (and got it in black and white) Roger surprised me with a color version that took my breath away.
When I sought out Roger, I purposely avoided a bigger, national, chain store type of operation, fearing the quality wouldn’t be there and that my precious photo might get lost in the shuffle of thousands….
If you want priceless photos restored, look no further than Roger. He’s fast, he’s prompt in replies, and his work is the very best.
My dear mom passed away 6/28/22 and thanks to Roger, we have the perfect photo to display at her memorial service.
Many thanks Roger… You are the best!