How do we restore your photo?

Your original photo is scanned in and only the copy is worked on (in Photoshop).
That way your original photo is not harmed in any way.

Photo Restoration Price List

Minor Touch-ups

  • Fix fading, color and contrast
  • Remove red eye
  • Clean up dirt, scratches and spots in the background



Medium Restoration

  • Repair small tears and missing pieces
  • Fix minor damage to subjects
  • Colorizing
  • Everything included in minor touch-ups



Extensive Restoration

  • Restore photos with cracks and tears in main areas of the photo.
  • Remove unwanted objects
  • Replace missing pieces
  • Everything included in medium restoration

$150+ and up

All prices include scanning and a link to a dropbox with the digital file.

There is an additional charge for photos larger than 8×10.

Please call 617-924-0077 to schedule an appointment.